Research Groups


Collecting data on the Northwest Coast Indigenous language Halq’emeylem with the eNunciate group. Photo courtesy Heather Bliss.

Groups involved in language science research are distributed throughout UBC. The groups below are listed with their home faculty, department or school, where appropriate.

Acoustics and Noise Research Group (Mechanical Engineering/Population and Public Health)

Acquired Language Disorders Lab (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Adult Language Processing and Disorders Lab (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Algonquian Research Group (Linguistics)

ArtiSynth (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Linguistics, and Dentistry)

Auditory Perception and Speech Lab (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Bilingualism Research Group (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Brain Behaviour Laboratory (Medicine)

The BRANE Lab (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Centre for Cognitive Development (Psychology)

Centre for Intercultural Language Studies (Education)

Centre for Research in Chinese Language and Literacy Education (Education)

Child Language and Cognition Lab (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Child Phonology, Phonetics and Language Acquisition Lab (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Communication Dynamics Lab (Linguistics)

Cross-Linguistic Semantics Research Group (Linguistics)

Early Development Research Group (Psychology)

eNunciate/Visible Speech (Linguistics and Asian Studies)

Gitxsanimx Research Lab (Linguistics)

Human Communication Technologies Lab (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Human Early Learning Partnership (Population and Public Health)

Infant Studies Centre (Psychology)

Interdisciplinary Speech Research Lab (Linguistics)

Language and Learning Lab (Linguistics)

Language Development Centre (Psychology)

Natural Language Processing Group (Computer Science)

Pediatric Audiology Laboratory (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Phonological CorpusTools (Linguistics)

Phonological Development Tools and Cross-linguistic Phonology Project (Audiology and Speech Sciences)

Salish Working Group (Linguistics)

Speech in Context Lab (Linguistics)

Syntax of Speech Acts, a.k.a. the ‘Eh-Lab’ (Linguistics)

If you do not see a particular research group on this list and think it should be included, please contact the Language Sciences Coordinator.


Simultaneous EEG and fMRI imaging to explore the neurophysiology of language. Photo courtesy Debbie Giaschi.